Sandstone Cleaning

Updated: May 29

Sandstone is a good option

if you want a natural looking patio.

It comes in a wide range of colours from black and dark grey to red or yellow. These variations make it easy for you to match sandstone to your landscaping project, whatever that may be. That is why sandstone is such

a popular choice for patios.

Sandstone is a porous stone by nature which makes it susceptible to dirt build up and organic growth. Once laid, it looks stunning but over time dirt starts accumulating and organic growth starts contaminating the surface of the stone. The longer the growth is not treated, the deeper it contaminates the stone, making the cleaning of the stone harder.

Some other facts that accelerate the growth of moss and algae is lack of sunlight, areas with high humidity, leaking gutters and overhanging trees. That gives the algae the optimal conditions for growth.

How do you get rid of the grime and algae then? How can you bring your patio back to its former glory? Patio cleaners from DIY stores promise the world but rarely daliver any good results. Industrial grade chemicals can damage the stone, discolour or fade it. Hydrojet has the knowledge, equipment and experience to make your sandstone patio look like new again.

We are using the correct cleaning methods, approved by manufacturers which

is low pressure wash and

biodegradable biocidal treatments

in the correct dilution ratios. This process guarantees great results and eliminates the possibility of damage to the sandstone surface. Your patio will look as good as the first day it was laid.

For any kind of Sandstone Cleaning, reach out to Hydrojet for a free consultation and estimate.

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