Why should you outsource your Fleet Cleaning?

Here are some reasons that might make you consider outsourcing your fleet cleaning:

Reason 1: Improve your company's image

Fleet washing can help your brand look its best. Your fleet doesn't wear your company logo just because it looks pretty. Your logo is there for visibility. Your vehicles are moving billboards for your business. It is a way of marketing your services. The worst possible reflection of your brand is unreadable contact info, a dirty logo or a messy vehicle.

Reason 2: You save money on equipment and supplies

Do you want to invest in specialized equipment you don’t need every day? How about doing the research to find the environmentally safe and sound cleaning products for cleaning your vehicles without damaging them? And a water reclamation system…do you want to shop around for that too? Your answer is probably “no” to all of the above, and for good reason: You have plenty of other mission-critical expenditures to worry about. Hire pros to do the fleet cleaning, and they’ll have all the equipment and supplies needed.

Reason 3: You save money on payroll

Payroll, taxes, benefits, health care, training, insurance, the costs of tracking all of those details and making sure all costs are being paid. Even compared to using a truck wash, you will save a lot of time (and money) from having to run your fleet back and forth. When you outsource the fleet cleaning, you save a "truckload" of money because the washing is done on site by employees on someone else’s payroll.

Reason 4: Maintenance gets easier

Commercial vehicles experience the worst on the road. Oils, mud, grime, salt, asphalt and other materials can collect on your vehicles. Part of protecting a vehicle is timely removal of corrosive elements which have damaging effects on the underbody and mechanical parts. When dirt and grime accumulates, can cause problems for mechanics when trying to locate a leak or fix a problem.

Furthermore, build up dirt and grime itself can be the cause of mechanical issues. Fleet washing can safely remove these materials and help your fleet run efficiently, without issues that lead to downtime. A clean vehicle is a manageable vehicle. Whether you have one truck or a hundred, you can extend the life of a vehicle through proper upkeep and routine maintenance.

Reason 5: It frees you up to focus on your business

With everything else on your plate, do you really want to worry about the cleanliness of your vehicles? You probably outsource the cleaning of your office and pay someone else to do the bookkeeping, as just two examples. Keeping trucks clean on a regular schedule is probably another task that can (and should) be outsourced too, so you can keep your focus where it belongs: on maintaining and growing your business.

Reason 6: Your will make your drivers happier

Your drivers already have a job; to drive your company vehicles from point A to point B. By asking drivers to do the vehicle washing themselves, you waste valuable service hours, time and money. Drivers know how to drive, not how to wash. They will not wash to a high standard, they will waste excessive amount of water and detergents and they do not know how to operate professional pressure washing equipment which leads to more maintenance costs. And you can't blame them, they are professional drivers after all. By outsourcing your fleet washing you keep your drivers happy, you boost their morale, you are giving them a positive and safe environment to work in and you let them do what they love…drive. It is certainly something that can help with staff retention, especially during this challenging times for the transport industry.

Businesses outsource plenty of tasks that simply aren’t worth doing in-house. Fleet cleaning is one of them, because it simply makes sense to make sure the vehicles are clean without having to worry about actually doing the work.

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